For a No-Show free HSG-Campus

Commit to your participation

Students at the University of St.Gallen have the exclusive opportunity to access the wide range of Career & Corporate Services offerings free of charge. These offerings include:

Despite many registrations, it's disappointing when some students don't show up without explanation. This prevents others from participating and disregards the time and effort invested by us and participating companies in organizing events.

2 working days’ notice for cancellations

Clear guidelines: Understand the consequences of no-shows

The cancellation deadline for events is 2 working days before the event starts.

Unexcused or late-reported absences will be marked as a no-show. In case of 2 no-shows within a 9 month period, exclusion from all Career & Corporate Services offerings (individual consultations, career workshops, and events with companies) for a period of 9 months will be enforced. Details can be found in our terms and conditions under "No-Show Policy".

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.