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After your registration you will get an individual and password protected access and will profit from following advantages:

  • Access to the details of job and event ads
  • Insight to the company profiles
  • Application for exciting events with companies
  • Overview of your attendances at the HSG Talents, HSG Banking Days and HSG Career Days
  • Appointment management of your bookings for the career counselling sessions and workshops
  • You are part of our talent pool for national and international companies.

The following video shows you more about the career platform Note: English subtitles are available via the CC button within the video player.

For an optimal usage you can find below more tips for the various sections of your account.

Tip 1

Keep your profile up to date, complete and visible. This will increase your chances of being contacted by exciting companies.

Tip 2

Enter your e-mail address so that you receive relevant information and important notifications from us and companies.

Tip 3

Create and manage personalised subscriptions at any time and you won't miss any events or jobs that are of interest to you.

Tip 4

Keep track of your counselling appointments and manage your registrations for workshops and events.

After your registration on you will get an individual and password protected access. If you go to My profile you can fill in your personal information, adjust the privacy settings and define which areas of your profile should be visible to the companies. Important: Profiles set to visible can be seen by companies but are not public to other students.

Companies do searches for specific profiles for their jobs and events ("targeting"). We recommend to always keep your profile up to date, completed and visible. Similar to other business networks such as LinkedIn and Xing, a conclusive and extensive profile on will increase your chances to be found and contacted by potential employers.

The most important information on your profile is:

  • Current contact information
  • Education: begin with the actual course of study as well as all other higher educational studies and secondary school (chronological order)
  • Experience: listing all jobs and internships
  • Language skills: level of all languages spoken/known
  • Interest industry
  • Interest field of work
  • Values of a company “what is important to me in an employer”
  • Work ethics “which values are important to me in a work environment”

Learn how to update your profile and adjust your privacy settings in the following video. Note: English subtitles are available via the CC button within the video player.

For suggestions for a conclusive profile and further tips on your CV go to:

Our platform offers you daily access to exclusive events and jobs.

If klick on the tab Jobs you see all the current job ads. You can do a search by job title or company or set a filter for industry, workload, kind of employment, region and area of work. With a click on the job ad, you can see all the details of the position as well as the contact details and a PDF for download. To not miss out on any exciting opportunities we recommend to set up a personal job alert. How this works? Watch following video (*):

If you go to the tab Events you can find all the events with companies, our CSC career workshops and the various online-sessions. In this section you can manage your applications simply by going to My registrations. And again – not to miss out on any exciting events, set up an event alert. How to go about it will the following video show (*):

(*) Note: English subtitles are available via the CC button within the video player.

To get insights about companies in specific industries or regions you may klick on the tab Company profiles. There you can do a search by industry, region, country, company and or work values. If you know the name of the company you can simply put this in the search as well.

By clicking on the company, you will be led to the company profile with details the firm has filled in such as:

  • Size
  • Contact details
  • Brief portrait ("About Us")
  • Values of the company ("What sets us apart")
  • Work values ("Our work values")
  • Importance of various qualities
  • Importance of skills
  • Field of work
  • Current job and event offers

The students who have gained experience with the company will also be listed here.

Careers are divers and individual. An important part of it is the knowledge of your own competences, interests and values. Knowing them and learn to use them with confidence in a reflected, authentic way. We highly recommend our counselling sessions and workshops. We are here to support you with the planning of your career and application process. If you click on Career Counselling you can go to My appointments to get an overview or even Book an appointment directly online.

Our free student services cover

  • 1:1 counselling sessions
  • Career workshops
  • Tools and templates

Please follow this link to get the complete overview.